Discount Coupon

Where do I enter my discount coupon code when I place my order?

You will enter you discount coupon when you checkout. During the checkout process, you'll first receive a screen for billing and shipping information. After you complete that screen, the next screen will ask for your discount coupon. The block to enter it will be on your monitor's right side. Once you enter your coupon code and hit the continue button, you'll go to a screen that shows your discount and your new total.

Where do I get discount coupons?

Discount coupons are given out as promotions. You may be emailed about upcoming promotions and receive a coupon that way.

If I have more than one coupon, may I combine them on an order?

You may only use one coupon per order.

If I forget to enter my coupon code, may I still receive a discount?

No, the discount coupon code must be entered during the checkout process. Lost, stolen or forgotten coupons will not be re-issued.

May I combine a discount coupon with a gift certificate?

At this time we do not offer Gift Certificates. If you choose to pay with a discount coupon please be aware that if the total of your purchase does not equal that of the coupon, you will have to pay with a second method i.e. Credit card or PayPal to make up the remaining balance.

If you ever have questions or problems with your discount coupon, please contact us. Remember to state your name and quote the coupon code.
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