Black Steampunk Medieval Biker Polyester Corset Vest (C105)


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Black Steampunk Medieval Biker Polyester Blend Steel Boned Corset Vest

It has front fastening with bronze metal clasps with studs and long chains.  It has spiral steel boning which is light & flexible and a cord lace up back.  It has wide shoulder straps & can be worn on it’s own or with a t-shirt underneath. 

Think biker look, rock chick, medieval, viking, steampunk, gothic, game of thrones – it covers all bases !!

The material is a polyester blend (looks like thick brushed cotton).

The corset vest weighs approx. 550gm.

Length:  approx 56cm


****  This style is very similiar to C106FL BUT much cheaper as it is a polyester blend.  Whilst C106FL is a faux leather and much heavier.   We have been able to source this style from another supplier in the lighter weight fabric to offer our customers a more economical option in a similar style.

Please be guided by the waist measurements in the chart.  To select the correct size - **you need to order a corset that is smaller than your actual waist measurements to allow for the lace up back.

*** As a guide:  Deduct 8cm (3”)  from your waist measurements & apply to the chart.  This will allow for the lace up back.

SIZE CHART C - Corsets

This is our new/revised size chart which is comparable with Australian Sizes (not Asian)




The waist measurements in the size chart reflect the size of the garment with the laces done up.  


      Approx      AU Size





6 - 8

32 - 34”
    81 - 86cm

24 - 26”
   61 - 66cm

34 - 36”
   86 - 91cm


8 - 10

34 - 36”
  86 - 91cm

26 - 28”
  66 - 71cm

36 - 38”
   91 - 97cm


10 - 12

36 - 38”
   91 - 97cm

28 - 30”
  71 - 76cm

38 - 40”
     97 - 102cm


12 - 14

38 - 40”
     97 - 101cm

30 - 32”
   76 - 81cm

40 - 42”
   102 -107cm


14 - 16

40 - 42”
    102 – 107cm

32 - 34”

81 – 86cm

42 - 44”
107 – 112cm


Please do not worry too much about the label size it is your measurements that are important and the most important measurement is your waist line.  Your waist line is the smaller section of your torso above the belly button.  

When selecting your corset size, remember you will have some flexibility with the lacing & it is acceptable to have up to 10cm  (4”) gap in the lace up back -  hence the instructions above to deduct from your waist measurements to allow for the lace up back.


Black Steampunk Medieval Biker Polyester Corset Vest



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